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Introducing Nexus Group

The oil and gas market has been hit hard in the last 12 months, with plummeting oil prices, hyper competitive environments and challenging conditions across the sector. But as with any industry, when the going gets tough, it’s time to get going – that’s exactly the mentality of the leadership team at Nexus Group, positively attacking the challenges of the market and navigating the future of the group of companies that they oversee.


The executive team at Nexus Group (formed of three companies – OCB, OIM & Kuiper), lead by CEO George Gourlay, have one eye firmly fixed on the future. Targeting ambitious growth during the 2016-2020 period, they knew that an integrated, collaborative strategy was required in order to keep the

company on track for organic growth, whilst positioning themselves attractively to future acquisition targets. Working with the leadership team, across five countries, we developed a brand strategy that supported the commercial vision of the group of businesses, uniting the team and driving growth.


The original business – OCB – was established over 15 years ago. As an integrated managed manpower services provider to the oil and gas sector, working together is in the DNA of the business. From the HR/recruitment team that finds and vets suitable workers, to the operations team that get people from A to B, manage the staff whilst on the rigs and all the while ensuring their health and safety, to the business development

team who are constantly engaged with their clients and prospects to manage contracts and opportunities. OCB & OIM were acquired by Gulf Capital in 2013, with a view to take the business and apply its collaborative culture to other businesses that join the group. Kuiper International didn’t need any pushing – their ethos, culture and explosive growth over the last five years made them a natural fit into the group.


No longer a set of individual companies, a group was formed with an eye open for future companies to join the family. The team at VIVA worked with the leadership team to design a unified identity that would create an umbrella brand for the group, whilst retaining the brand value of the existing companies. Nexus was created as the umbrella, with the definition fitting perfectly with the DNA of the company; 1. a connection or series of connections linking two or more things and/or 2. a central or focal point.




Nexus is about people and management and the brand identity demonstrates how the two work together.
The dark blue represents people and the light blue represents management.

The formation of the icon is influenced by the drill itself.
Not only does it relate back to the industry Nexus are in, but it also shows a tool that works in motion to get the job done, much like with Nexus.

Another reason for the blue colour and formation of the icon is to relate back to the sea where the majority of rigs are placed.


The new Nexus brand was launched through the group website, a new LinkedIn page, digital communications and sector media coverage. Nexus are growing as a company and the objective is to continue to make positive impressions on all of its stakeholders – team members, shareholders, clients,

prospects and industry peers. Additionally, the new brand identity has been applied to the Nexus Group offices across the Middle East, Asia & Australia, bringing the team together and highlighting the team’s collaborative culture.

“As a company grows and becomes a multi-location, multi-business unit it is vital that we have an identity that can be associated with that of a well-structured and progressive organisation. To achieve this identity it is important to allow some outside thinking into to the organisation to explore the cultures and mind-set of the people, and get feedback from all levels in all departments into what their perceptions are of the organisation and how they would like to see it perceived by the outside world. By engaging the services of VIVA to perform a brand recognition and perception study it was apparent that we working in silos and each business unit only cared about their respective image. Through many months of hard work and communications the team at VIVA implemented a complete rebranding exercise which gave us a new name and new image ‘Nexus People Group’. This change has got everyone in the business engaged and excited about how we are now perceived in the world of ‘People Management’.”

George Gourlay, CEO Nexus

You can follow Nexus’ progress on their website and LinkedIn.

You can connect with George Gourlay of Nexus on LinkedIn.

To discuss this project in more detail, connect with Gary Blowers on LinkedIn.

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