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Introducing Lumina Advisers

Building a professional services brand is hard work. Creating stand out in an uber competitive environment like the United Arab Emirates is even harder. But we love a challenge at VIVA and building the new Lumina brand from the ground up enabled the business to stand out, be heard and engage a community of business owners.


We started with the basics – why does the company exist? What purpose does it serve? We established the answers to these questions by talking to the people at the centre of the business – the team, its clients and its partners. It was quickly established that Lumina’s purpose is to help people think smart at challenging points in a business’ existence.

Working with business owners who are looking to grow or exit their business, we needed to build a brand that would engage with this community and demonstrate clear added value.


Professional services brands have over the years evolved in their identities. What was once a very sterile, cold, corporate environment is becoming increasingly warmer, vibrant and exciting. Our challenge was to design an identity that would enable Lumina to stand out in an active, competitive marketplace.

From the re-naming of the business (from Catalyst Corporate Advisers to Lumina), to the vibrant visual identity design – the brand was refreshed with the goal of attracting more team members and growing its network of clients.


Lumina’s role is to add value to business owners looking to grow or exit their business. VIVA’s role in working with Lumina, was to add value to its brand – crafting a defined positioning, engaging with its community of clients and prospects, all the while contributing to the growth of the business.

Delivering a new website, brand launch event, recruiting new team members and managing ongoing communications has been the responsibility of the team at VIVA, helping the launch and rapid growth of the Lumina brand, resulting in commercial growth across the three core service offerings of the business.

“Building a stand-out professional services brand is a huge challenge, but it’s one we’ve made significant progress towards through this project. As a result of a comprehensive brand strategy building exercise and the visual identity design by the team at VIVA, we have achieved a truly stand-out market positioning that highlights the value that we add to our clients.

We are now poised, with a strengthened team, to deliver a highly targeted and relevant offering that will allow us to communicate effectively across the spectrum of our existing and new clients.”

George Traub, Managing Partner Lumina

You can follow Lumina’s progress on their website, as well as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

You can connect with George Traub of Lumina on LinkedIn.

To discuss this project in more detail, connect with Gary Blowers on LinkedIn.

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