Edgbaston Stadium

Changing the perception of energy management


From a meadow of rough gazing land to one of the country’s leading cricket venues, Edgbaston Stadium has played home to some of the greatest iconic moments of national and international cricket.

Thrived on its history since 1882, the stadium has grown to become a modern multi-functional venue as well as being home to Warwickshire County Cricket Club, Birmingham Bears and the Warwickshire Cricket Board.

After working with the conference & events team at Edgbaston for many years, we had the honour of refreshing the Edgbaston brand for the future. The collective vision was simple – ‘to be the best cricket business in the world’.

The existing problem was the unification of the combined functions of the stadium, from cricket to weddings, banquets to exhibitions and meetings to conferences.

All had become fragmented in the key propositions they were delivering – ultimately disheartening the Edgbaston brand.

Working intensively with the board and commercial director, Gareth Roberts, our aim was to develop a brand purpose to umbrella all services from the stadium. Whether you’re at a day at the cricket or a wedding function, it became key to bring consistency to the brand experience.


Eliminating restrictions, opening up possibilities and excel beyond expectations are the key traits which help define Edgbaston’s new brand purpose.


This new brand purpose was the core driver to educating internally the new culture that would bring all teams together, and therefore reflect this externally to audiences.

The performance pyramid was developed to aid this; made up of three phases to apply to day-to-day operations. By adhering to the pyramid, creating an ‘experience without boundaries’ can be achieved.


Purpose – Desire – Belief

Success is built on our passion for cricket and people. It’s the root of activity, a result of our character and a vital springboard pushing us forward.

Passion for simply an aspect of the whole is more than enough. A love to bat or bowl still leads to a love of the game.


Confidence – Composure – Clarity

A team that doesn’t prepare risks a disappointing outcome. It takes a cool head, a clear vision and an element of trusting yourself. Know where your strengths lie and know where improvements are needed.


Pride – Focus – Spirit

Staying on top of the game is about being ruthless when ahead, resilient when behind and relentless in the execution of your job. The potential for the unexpected is eased with preparation and the opportunity to excel is fuelled by passion.


With the foundations of the brand defined, a refresh of the look and feel of the brand was also implemented. A new logo was introduced, influenced by the iconic floodlights of the stadium. But the main aim was to create a more versatile and visually prominent icon for brand application.

Other brand elements created, included typeface, colour scheme, photography style and graphic elements. All combined to create a cricket brand of the future.

Our consultation continued into the interior design of the stadium. By taking on our new focus of ‘experiences without boundaries’, we followed this through in the physical environment – bringing in the historic museum of Edgbaston into the forefront of the stadium.

A timeline was introduced into the main reception area, which will continue to develop around the stadium concourse as more iconic events unfold. Specific quotes aiming to inspire were applied to stairwells across the whole stadium, including the performance pyramid for the staff entrances.

The player changing rooms and training centres also benefitted from a new branded look, sending a clear message to a home or away player that they are at Edgbaston.

As the brand continues to flourish, the true testament shows within the internal teams to create the best cricket business in the world. The new brand purpose and ethos enables more collaboration and freedom of ideas from all those involved at the stadium, ultimately transforming a business into an international entity.

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