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Through a series of structural changes, within the exploration of new markets and amongst ambitious growth plans – VIVA have helped Amadeus to keep brand at the heart of what they do and to effectively engage their hugely valuable team. In an ever-evolving industry, Amadeus are ahead of the game and are focused on ensuring they stay there.


Gaining an understanding of purpose, an insight into process and using both to drive the business forwards.


With over 195 offices and 13,000 employees, Amadeus provides the technology that keeps the travel sector moving. They are involved throughout the traveller’s journey from booking with the travel agent (100,000 of which are supported worldwide by Amadeus) through to the handling of extra travel services, aiming to facilitate at each stage of the travel process. Amadeus provide companies within the travel industry with the data and tools they need to serve travellers better.


In recent years, Amadeus have seen a strategic shift due to the business floating on the stock exchange. Moving their focus from seeking investment to growing ambitiously has led to the ability to diversify their business model. Exploring new and exciting areas like mobile, advertising, intelligence and airports. As well as utilising the opportunities that can arise when change is embraced.


The way we book and the way we travel has changed. The main reason for this being the ever-increasing digitalisation of the industry. With more and more travellers switching from offline methods to online methods to book their journey, businesses within the industry have to also adapt. The switch to online has given travellers increased transparency in regards to their options. As a result, Amadeus have needed to make adjustments in terms of more competitive fees to continue offering the best options to their customers. In relation to this, cost is also a major driver within the industry. The rise of the low cost carrier has seen increased competition, shifting from the big names to the smaller innovators. And with so many entry points to market, it’s easier than ever for the smaller airlines to compete as they benefit from lower overheads and speedier processes.

As well as access to a wider choice of carriers, travellers have also changed their booking habits once they’ve chosen an airline. What most now do is book a basic flight ticket and add the extras along the way, often at a later date. This allows for multiple smaller margins to be made by the travel companies rather than one large travel sale margin as before.

Amadeus exist in a niche environment. Meaning that though they have few direct competitors, there is little to distinguish between them. Feature, functionality and price can be very similar which is why purpose plays its part. For Amadeus to continue leading the way, it takes something a little deeper.


With a series of mergers and acquisitions over the past years, the company has seen the need for realignment. Several restructures have taken place from a management perspective. Which has led to employees facing change and questioning purpose.

People at Amadeus are spread across a number of departments and a number of vertical channels. This can prove a challenge for overall team engagement and the absence of a consistent engagement plan from the beginning has left room for confusion to creep in.


Getting under the skin of the process helps to highlight where positive change can make an impact.


With such a large team, and an International span, internal fragmentation issues can arise. And with the introduction of the new brand on top of this, Amadeus needed to collectively move forwards by informing and encouraging. It’s ultimately this strategic shift that instigated a relationship with VIVA.

As a central point, Amadeus adopted a new intranet system called ‘My Site’ to aid internal communications. In order for people to embrace this introduction, Amadeus worked with VIVA to bring it to life – producing user guides and enticing promotional materials. A Gallup survey is carried out every 18 months which measures the level of engagement within the company, which helps to highlight any issues and identify the status of their people. It’s these finding that form the basis of an internal engagement plan.

With the introduction of My Site, an extra push was required to ensure employees make the most of its capabilities. With a real emphasis on the need for colleagues to get to know each other and effectively collaborate with through knowledge management. This is where gamification was considered an effective adoption strategy and an innovative way to get people involved. By launching a game within My Site, people have an incentive to go in and see what it’s all about.

No matter what the project or idea, new ventures need to be appropriately introduced. VIVA have looked at how Amadeus launch to market – ensuring that team support, innovative ideas and impeccable presentation are all a part of the mix.


Amadeus hold a huge amount of data. Data that is centric to the airline industry. They decided to use this to their advantage in entering the market of airport technology from a prime position. Their cloud-based proposition (which nobody else did at the time)enabled them to leapfrog the competition and establish themselves as true leaders of the industry.

Working with VIVA, Amadeus took this much-anticipated step with the message – This is IT. A play on words to emphasise the vast amount of technology they can offer as well as announcing that what airports have been waiting for, has arrived. This is a product that affects a host of airlines, as a community rather than individually. And it’s this premise that enabled Amadeus to talk about sharing, informing, and moving forwards together.

As ‘This is IT’ evolved, the campaign went on to turn back to the audience, the airports, asking ‘How do you see IT?’ and challenging them to think about how the industry is shaping up as well as the impact that technology can and is having.


Amadeus ultimately sell to companies within the travel industry. But in order to do this effectively, they have to understand better their customer’s customer – the traveller.

In the travel agency division of the business, a campaign was needed to highlight how Amadeus are reactive to the changing needs of travellers. Showing that the need to produce both more accurate and larger quantities of data is being met by Amadeus. Taking a look at both the rational and emotional sides of decision making proved the basis for the campaign which goes on to explore has differing needs can be met within the same offering.


Making innovative moves and taking confident strides to shape the future of travel.


Throughout this working relationship, VIVA have guided Amadeus through a number of firsts. Working through Insights with a range of departments, getting to understand their needs and desires. As well as Ideate phases bringing together the ideas and initiatives that drive the business forward and help them to continue shaping the future of travel.


VIVA have introduced Amadeus to gaming, as a part of their internal engagement strategy. Gaming is proven to drive stronger adoption, particularly with an added competitive element or incentive. And so, to bring the internal system to life, we introduced gamification in the form of the ‘My Site Treasure Hunt’ – a light-hearted, highly interactive area of MySite for employees to use, enjoy and get to know each other.

The My Site Treasure Hunt is an interactive quiz, inviting colleagues to answer questions about each other’s interests. With the focus on the team, the value of people and the importance of their personalities is emphasized. Personalised questions are inputted by a dedicated game ‘champion’ from the team. Colleagues will then compete for places on the leaderboard by responding with correct answers in allocated time.

Alongside promoting positive team awareness, a corporate strategy exists to identify native employee traits using their game-play personas. Players are categorised as achievers, explorers, socialisers or killers.

The benefits of gamification are heightened by the team ownership element. Encouraging intra-team competition, employee engagement, development adoption and driving employee confidence in themselves, their teams and the company as a whole.


Using sales-focused direction to articulately deliver details of products is key to the success of Amadeus. Communicating on a number of levels across a range of audiences means that sales tools and supporting materials must be carefully-crafted and brand-led.

Amadeus have a presence at industry events all across the world. Whether introducing new campaigns or highlighting existing products, their demeanour is key to their message. And it’s through brand-led design that VIVA help them to be all they can be.


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