Changing the perception of energy management


Conveying trust, demonstrating skill and promising reliability.

In the business of protection; intelligence, communication and discretion are key. When all of these come together, a superior level of trust can emerge.

When we started working with 3e, they offered a range of services – each differing in approach and tone. In order to strengthen 3e as a whole, a master brand needed to take control. To stand strong in the market and to house each division of the business within it.

With a need for segmentation within the brand decided upon, a new identity could begin to take shape. Taking elements of the old brand, giving them a refresh and really focusing each section in terms of communications.

The launch of new online homes for each division made it easier for clients and customers to fulfil their needs. And recognising the importance of the new, strengthened brand architecture created a springboard for 3e to take off from.

Sleek and smart business cards embodied the new brand, along with professional, informative brochures. With the upmost discretion in mind, 3e’s communications could reach out and make an impression on those around them.

3e Intelligence is one of the biggest business areas. An initiative was launched using gamification to engage with customers in this division, giving 3e a point of difference from the competition as well as creating an all important buzz.


3e provide close protection, security, surveillance and investigation services to private and corporate clients across the UK and Europe. With a range of sectors to cover, their brand position and tone needs to speak on many different levels. And with ambitious growth plans in mind, VIVA have worked with 3e over the past few years to shape a higher level of establishment.


Through the insight phase, 3e’s key attributes were outlined as intelligence, professionalism and security. It’s through this value proposition that we were able to look at the brand architecture and craft an identity to suit.

3e were operating under the umbrella of private investigators. The problem is, they were also offering private investigation, high net worth security and intelligence services but without differentiating from the master brand.

VIVA shaped the master brand as 3e Global, and gave each sector its own sub-branded identity. 3e Intelligence, 3e Private Investigators, 3e Training and 3e International emerged. Each with an individual site, and though tied by the same logo design, each adopting a different colour to represent the area. For example, 3e Intelligence opts for an understated grey, symbolic of the prestigious and discreet nature of the sector. Whereas 3e Training is represented with a zestful yellow, to show the nurtured and enthusiastic feeling of developing skills and talent.

The breakdown of the colour mix is from the original branding and split to give the brand a cleaner, more literal approach. Which is also where the handkerchief graphic has been drawn from – chosen for its link to the careful handling of sensitive material.


Dissecting 3e’s offering presented a new brand architecture but what it needed alongside this visual structure was a refined tone for each division. From speaking to high net worth private clients through to commercial insurance companies, 3e needed to diversify their communications to speak on appropriate levels with a level of industry leadership.

Making the shift from a service-named approach to an audience-focused array of offers was key to the new brand activation phase. Enabling customers, and potential customers, to see a clearer, more considered option.


In a bid to highlight the importance of time in intelligence cases, 3e launched a smart initiative called Time Is Money. Reaching out to insurance companies by sending them an invitation to take part in a game of sorts.

Their invitation to play arrived in the form of a digital camera, pre-loaded with images that acted as clues. They were then encouraged to help 3e to solve their latest case by going online and racing against the clock to piece together the evidence they’d been given – ultimately proving that fraudulent activity was taking place.

The players were reminded: “the quicker we solve these fraudulent cases, the more money the industry saves.” With the player to solve the case in the quickest time going on to win a trip to Paris.

The game highlighted how vital it is to insurance companies that they have strong intelligence links; that they can save a great deal of money through utilising 3e’s skills. Keeping the game brand-related and fun to play meant that engagement levels were maximised. And the added element of competition was an incentive that allowed the game to be talked about long after all players had completed it.


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