The big question

October 9, 2015

What is a brand-led business consultancy?

Brand, business and consultancy are three pretty familiar words. But bringing them all together can open up a much wider conversation. We call ourselves a brand-led business consultancy, and it makes perfect sense to us, but what does it mean to you?

Firstly, it means that brand is at the heart. We believe that your purpose, your strategy and everything in between, should stem from your brand. When all of these things are aligned, then your offering to the world is as effective as it can be. We work to help organisations navigate the changing world around them, making sure that their place in it all is a confident one.

When your brand is at the centre, growth is more sustainable. Allowing you to achieve successfully, in line with what your business believes in is a far more convincing path to take if you want it to last.

When we talk about business, we mean you, and what you’re doing. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, whether you’re a platform, or a network, we can help you to determine where you want to be, and move positively in that direction. We work with a range of people, from charities and SMEs to international companies.

The consultancy part is where we appreciate the individuality of your needs. We look at four key areas:


Being the way that you look, from design features to office environment.
Being what people can gain through you.
Being how you speak, not only to your customers but to each other, and the wider world.
People & Culture
Being the way that you behave internally.

We explore your need for change, which will lie within one or more of these areas. We are then able to gain a deeper insight through workshop sessions and extensive brand auditing.

As a brand-led business consultancy, we ultimately look at strategy, planning and problem-solving. All with brand at the very heart. Unlocking your potential and uncovering opportunity. Which is not only about seeking pastures new, but also about getting the best out of your existing situation.

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