The Apple doesn’t fall far

August 4, 2015

Innovation, simplicity and giving power to the people are the beliefs that Apple portray in everything they do.

‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.’ – Steve Jobs

Apple have continued to produce avant-garde products and services such as the apple watch and iTunes, that do a lot more than just simply download and organise music. For many PC users, iTunes was their first gateway to the Apple world. The simple, efficient software and unified integration with the iPod inspired some users to switch to Mac computers.

The company’s first launch was in 1984, with Steve jobs hosting an Apple shareholder event to display the Mac. What better way to demonstrate the products capabilities than to let it speak for itself? This was an exhibition of change and innovation through the use of product capabilities, which reinforced and verified the company’s mission to be groundbreaking.

On the 22nd of January 1984, Apple’s first ever ad campaign was released in partnership with the Super bowl.

The commercial is set in a dictatorial environment, simulating the conditions of society and government in control at that time. The fugitive, (representing apple) destroys the controlled environment, displaying individuality, independence and freedom. The regaining of liberty is a metaphor used to describe what the products capabilities allow the user to do. The statement at the end suggests that not only is the Mac more advanced than any other PC, but that Apple is the most forward-thinking, advanced organisation in the world.

Now in 2015, Apple has shifted from its PC-orientated approach and has spread its message over many platforms. For Apple to improve its brand position in its campaigns, where awareness at this point is at its pinnacle, they needed to switch up.



Captivating, beautiful, and powerful,’ are the words used to best describe the imagery used in Apples recent campaign. With a slight twist, throwing a level of control over to the people, Apple customers have taken the images themselves, repeatedly highlighting Apple’s aim to equip all users with a voice to be heard and power to harness.

Touch I.D was another milestone in the company’s innovative achievements. With improved security, Apple has been able to integrate a new system of payment to enhance and simplify the user experience. Apple have once again taken their initiative to a whole new level as anyone with an iPhone, (depending on model) can make use of this simplified payment method, a functionality that attracts new target audiences. Innovation, simplicity and power to the people are certainly represented through the Apple Pay service, and what it provides for users.


If a brand’s beliefs aren’t strong and their values don’t run through everything they do, a consumer can be led off the brand’s path, enabling competitors to swoop in. Without a constant ideology there is little or no brand personality, and so a strong consumer relationship can’t be formed.

Apple has not only had a strong perpetual message since 1984, but with every innovative move they have set the standards, creating one of the strongest brand positions in the world. A brand is an identity, with its own reputation. But it also exists objectively; solely in someone’s mind. So it’s important to have mirrored campaigns in order to really let those beliefs shine through.


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