Start from the start

August 13, 2015

The only constant in this world is change. And for brands to embrace this, they need to move along, bettering themselves as they go.

This doesn’t mean splashing out aimlessly on a rebrand every so often, or drafting in a fresh new senior figure to shake things up. There’s a vital process missed out by many brands before they start implementing new measures – and it’s an intensive, individual brand audit – an insight.

A brand audit is the very first, and most important step towards change – the indisputable starting point. It’s a look at the brand, in its current state, in order to really weigh up where it is in proximity to where it needs to be. It’s a risk minimiser – ensuring that before you get to work, you have worked out the problem and are spending your budget in exactly the right places.

Recently, we’ve been working with UK charity Railway Children. Looking to identify their need for change as they strive to improve awareness and funding potential. Their insight was a look at where they are today, what the world looks like around them, and what the process should be to get them where they need to be. An initial workshop session uncovered structural challenges in the marketing department. Issues that of course have an impact on the effect of the materials they’re working with, and their promotional output.

Uncovering the need for specialist skills within the team was something that hadn’t been anticipated at the first discussion. But is something that emerged as a priority action point, set to most benefit the department in the immediate and the long term. The results of these initial findings have even led to the audit process being carried out for another department within the charity.

Taking an in-depth look at your brand is an essential start, the first step. Where it will lead? You can only tell once it’s been done.

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