Spreading the good

March 26, 2015

Now in its 10th week, the Nicest Job in Britain is living up to its promise to #DoMoreGood. Luke has travelled far and wide, visiting all manner of charities. From small locally-run orgnanisations to larger-known nationwide ones. Each week, Luke gives an insight into the people he’s spending time with and the causes that are so close to their hearts. In turn, inspiring the nation to take notice of the good things going on around them.


In these times, one of the best ways to get a message out there is through social media. And during his travels, Luke has been hammering this home with the charities he’s met. For both Animal Rescue Cumbria and Resources for Autism, Luke has introduced twitter handles to give them a presence on its hugely beneficial platform. And for charities with an existing online presence such a Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Guide Dogs for the Blind, Luke has leveraged their audiences using pictures, updates and daily vlogs to strike up conversations – spreading their messages even further. Connecting with like-minded people online is one of the simplest ways to connect and these online communities can do a great deal of good when it comes to bringing people together and rousing support.


His hands-on experience has included active involvement with specialised groups, from carrying out character-building tasks with young autistic adults to meeting parents of seriously ill babies. It’s this kind of up-close and personal work that has enabled Luke to gain a real insight into what the good people of this country are doing to make a difference. He’s using his knowledge and experience to inform charities about how they can benefit from great initiatives (such as Google Adwords) as well as helping to come up with exciting new ideas (watch this space).


In addition to promoting each charity, Luke has been highlighting inspirational people – people he’s met during his time with each charity. More often than not, they wouldn’t describe what they are doing as extraordinary but whilst respecting their humility, Luke is letting them know that they are truly inspirational.


With over 30 wonderful charities still left to visit, Luke’s year of doing more good is only just getting started.

You can follow his journey, the people he’s meeting and the causes he’s helping, here.

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