Seeking the social side

August 13, 2015

Any brand that believes in its worth has a presence on social media. Ideally, it’s more than just a presence. It’s a personality, a voice, and an extension of all that they are. But it’s not always as well-crafted as it should be.

At VIVA, we delve into the framework of a brand. Developing it from the inside out; from a purpose to a look, from office surroundings to team structure. We shape all of this to bring a brand to life. And now, we’re thrilled to be partnering with JC Social Media to include social media consultancy in our offer.

JC Social Media are straight-talking specialists who focus on driving traffic, raising interaction and creating leads for brands through their use of various social media channels. Having worked across a range of industries including hospitality and property, the team at JC Social Media have produced incredible results with their community building campaigns and strategies for improved interaction.

There’s a huge, underestimated difference between simply using social media, and using social media effectively. Channels such as Facebook and Twitter give brands a way to legitimise their presence and to receive real-time feedback. It’s a way to reach past customers, engage current customers and connect with future customers. It’s a pretty vital tool in generating brand awareness, as it’s such a constant in our lives today. So why would we not take note of how well we’re using it?

We’re working with JC Social Media to add to our initial insight process. Meaning that as well as uncovering brand behaviour in a wider sense, we can provide a social media audit to provide analysis and recommendations in line with the bigger brand picture. With a deeper look at account activity, audience feedback, content review and a competitor analysis, as well as the option for ongoing social media management support, your social settings can be whipped into shape to keep up as your overarching brand leads the way.

To chat about your options, and the benefits of an insight session, get in touch.

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