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April 8, 2015

Well-presented, beautifully functioning digital platforms are great to have. But once you’ve invested in them, what are they giving back?

Visits and hits can equate to valuable awareness, but it’s turning those viewers into customers that really matters. Whilst you’re busy populating your site with content and branching out in different directions, it has to be worth keeping an eye on the reaction you’re getting.

One of the best ways to stay informed of your audience is through Lead Forensics.

What is it?

Lead Forensics identifies your web visitors, and reveals contact information so that you can turn looks into leads. It uses IP address information to let you know who’s looking at you. The entry point of your traffic, the time spent on your site and the pages visited, as well as their company details and any relevant information for you to reach out to them.

Why should you be using it?

It’s a big, wide, well-connected world out there, and any type of contact can turn into a beneficial relationship. When people physically walk into a business, they’re welcomed, offered guidance and can often strike a deal from there. Well Lead Forensics allows you to show the same level of outreach to people who are visiting you digitally.

A user-friendly interface maps out the data for you in a way that’s easy to digest. As well as alerting you to take notice of frequent or flagged visitors.


The value of data

There are many ways to measure volume and location of visitors, and this can be useful information. But why stop there?

Knowing those extra details and gathering more intelligent data can help to open many more doors. It gives you an insight into those who are looking, and leaving. Opening up better-informed discussions about how your site is working, and how it’s not.

When you look at it this closely, you start to realise just how valuable this data can be. It allows you to follow up shows of interest, to trigger conversation with new connections and to see, in more detail, how your online presence is performing.

We can help

We are firm believers of investment in your digital platform. Which is why it doesn’t simply stop once your site is built. Your site should be working hard and fully to your advantage long after its launch.

To talk more about how data can benefit your business, and how you can obtain a special rate through us get in touch.

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