The Nicest Job

November 25, 2014

“The Nicest Job in Britain”

Gary Blowers, Co-founder & Managing Partner


On September 15th 2014, the Nicest Job in Britain opened for applications. The role, offered by ethical energy consultancy UA and created in collaboration with VIVA, involves travelling the country for a year and helping out a different charity each week. A once in a lifetime opportunity for somebody to give a genuine helping hand to those in need. And it’s certainly been a journey of inspiration for everybody involved.

The chance to help out 45 different charities in a number of ways comes with an impressive package (a car, pair of free flights, £2,500 donation to charity, furniture voucher) – as well as the chance to be paid for effectively carrying out good deeds. With such amazing perks on top of the chance to help others, naturally the role has attracted all the right kinds of attention.

We received over 70 applications, ranging from beautifully creative poetic prose to playful raps and adventurous montages. Reaching from the depths of South Wales to the faraway shores of Australia, our applicants came together from all walks of life, each with an inspiring story to tell and an all-imp­ortant passion for others. See the applications here.

What’s shone through in this process is a great sense of comradery as candidates encouraged and supported each other, trading tales of philanthropic adventures using the #NicestJob hashtag and raising awareness of the causes they each promote. The sense of community and the chance to tell people what they’re doing is one of the laudable reasons this role exists.

As well as hearing from those wanting to fulfill the position, we have been fortunate enough to hear from a great number of fantastic causes across the country that will benefit from a week’s worth of valuable help in 2015. Bringing awareness to the things that people care about is what we set out to do. Reaching out to both big and small charities, far and wide, has already helped in many great ways, highlighting their needs and giving them a platform to speak to a wider audience about their missions. The Nicest Job in Britain isn’t simply making a donation to their cause but personally taking the time to learn about what they are doing, and establishing a genuine way to actively help them in their day-to-day lives. In turn, nurturing relationships with them that can last well into the future.

A tough decision faced us in deciding who was, in this instance, best suited for the job. We whittled down to a shortlist of 8, inviting each of these to interview in front of a specialist panel. In what was a fantastic day of inspiring interviews and an evening of celebration, Gloucestershire man Luke Cameron was chosen as UA’s new National Philanthropy Manager. He will embark on his journey to help 45 different charities and not-for-profit organisations at the start of 2015 and his £2,500 donation is set to go the the British Heart Foundation.

Before the role has even kicked off, the Nicest Job in Britain has created a stir, (as well as a mini-movement amongst the finalists-watch this space), encouraging everybody to get involved in an inspired desire to do more good.

Read more about the job and see Luke’s journey here.

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