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September 18, 2015

VIVA exists to help, your brand, your business and your people to be all they can be. In order for us to do that; we have to get pretty close to you.

Recently, we’ve been doing just that with some great people – getting under their skin to the root of their purpose and crafting plans to help them to grow. After all, change and growth are two constants in this world, and both are best enjoyed from the driving seat.

After our initial brand audit, our ‘Insight Reports’ allow us to take a closer look. We’ve just finished collating our findings and making recommendation for two not-for-profit organisations, and our recommendations will now act as springboards to propel their brands to the next level.

First up is Railway Children, a brilliantly impactful charity working to improve the lives of children living on the streets all across the world. As they continue to make such a vital difference, we’ve been helping them restructure and recruit across both their marketing and fundraising departments. We’ve been uncovering opportunities and addressing potential threats within their team so that they can continue to best tackle the issues that matter to them most.

Another organisation we’re working with is BAFE. BAFE are a registration body for Third Party Certified fire protection companies, meaning they have a very important role to play when it comes to public safety. We’ve been working with them to understand the strength and the value of their offering today. By truly exploring their current position in the market, we can now work with them to determine the best-possible next steps.

These are different organisations, with different challenges, but our Insight process enables us to carry them both forwards by ultimately understanding and exploring:

1. The need for change.

2. How the world looks.

3. What makes your business unique.

Workshops, interviews and extensive research are all part of our process. It’s through these explorations that we can make recommendations of change based on real Insights.

So if you’re looking to understand the value of your brand, or are looking to restructure or recruit and want to know a bit more then get in touch.

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