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June 15, 2015

People are intrinsically nosey. A huge proportion of us scroll through social feeds, peruse daily papers and stop to look wherever there’s a gathering crowd. And as we continue to enjoy the readily available platform-nature of social media, we’re increasingly taking nosey’ness to the next level, and getting ourselves involved.

That right there, is a content-creating dream.

If a brand, or a campaign can attract the attention of the general public then it’s doing well. If it can draw a level of engagement from those people, then it’s doing great. If it can go on to showcase that interaction for everybody to see, that’s when it hits the jackpot.

Campaigns that create their own content don’t (very often) do it by accident, and it sometimes just isn’t achievable, but there are certainly a few factors that can help.

Make use of media

Words are great. But it’s no secret that the greatest level of interaction is provoked by image and video. Visual stimulation is at the height of awareness, so any chance you get to encourage people to show you something, rather than simply tell you, should be taken.

Whilst searching for somebody to take on the Nicest Job in Britain, we asked for video applications, and made them publicly viewable. Not only was this a great way to speed up getting to know the candidates; but it also gave the campaign a continuous stream of content. Content that people could watch, share and check back to see more of.



If you can, let social media steer the bandwagon. Take the #NoMakeUpSelfie, and the #IceBucketChallenge, to name just a couple of success stories. The humble hashtag is a well-used tool because it still has the power to make waves. People see a hashtag being used and associate it with a movement, a collection of people that are talking about the same thing.

A message spreading like wildfire isn’t the only aim. It’s an ideal way to casually put you in touch with people who are noticing you. And it’s often a wonderfully simple way to articulate your purpose.

Encourage creativity

In the best possible way, some people like to show off. And I mean in a really good way. So prompt them to get involved.

Set a mini task, ask for witty captions and run competitions that aim to give people a platform, as well as yourselves. People will thrive on the idea that somebody will see their contribution and will direct even more people your way, even just to see what they’ve done.


Utilise what you’ve got.

A recent campaign that has packaged up all of the above and presented it beautifully is one by the NHS Blood and Transplant department.


In a bid to raise awareness surrounding a shortage of blood donations, a campaign was launched across the country asking people and businesses to drop the letters A, O and B from their name – as these are the main three blood types. The hashtag#MissingType is then being used to show participation from across the country. By branding those letters ‘missing’ – the campaign highlights that they are sought after – see what they did there?!


The Daily Mirror, Nando’s and Downing Street are just a few examples of people who have got involved. And it’s working brilliantly, from an awareness point of view, as it’s giving people the chance to upload media, to use the popular hashtag and to creatively modify something – all of which contributes to a windfall of content for the NHSBT to utilise during National Blood Week. Fingers crossed awareness turns to action.

When it comes to content, a little initial thought can go a long way.
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