“It’s not about taking…

September 24, 2015

… it’s about JustGiving.”

Traditionally, glittering awards bashes are associated with glamorous professions – acting, singing, writing etc. But recently, we’re celebrating more of the personal attributes of extraordinary people – from their character and circumstance to their willingness to help others. One of the brilliant events that applauds those people is the JustGiving awards.

JustGiving is a global online social platform that allows people to give to worthy causes. It helps to bring awareness to all kinds of personal pledges, connecting people with similar passions and enabling relationships between fundraisers and the charities they are helping.

Their annual awards ceremony celebrated categories such as ‘Creative Fundraiser of the Year’, whose winner Caroline Jones is wearing an outfit from the Cancer UK shop, where her late mum volunteered, every day for the whole of 2015. She has raised an incredible £15,000 so far, showcasing her style credentials along the way.

Another category, ‘Community Crowdfunder of the Year’ recognised Tracey Ford, who has raised over £600 to buy bouquets of flowers for bereaved mothers on Mother’s Day. After losing her own son, she was able to identify with others in the same position, and has gone above and beyond to bring a little light into all of their lives.

Our good friend Luke Cameron of the Nicest Job in Britain presented an award to the ‘Kindness Crowdfunder of the Year’ winner, Wayne Botting. Wayne raised over £8000 for 12-year-old Leisha, who has Cerebral Palsy, to purchase a new wheelchair. She had grown out of her old one and with Wayne’s help is now able to interact with people in a standing position, which is a huge boost for her continued development.


One amazing story of the night was the recognition of Alex Smith for his outstanding commitment to fundraising. Alex’s son, Harrison, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. So Alex decided to take him on an incredible adventure. He took Harrison with him as he completed one of the most gruelling physical challenges – an Ironman triathlon. Alex was Harrison’s legs, heart, and lungs and has raised over £48,000 for his own charity, Harrison’s fund. Watch the passion behind his journey:

The awards celebrated a whole host of amazing people, see the full nominations and their stories here. Read their incredible stories and be inspired by their efforts. One thing they all have in common, is that they are all being all they can be.

That’s something that looks different for everybody, but has the same principles at the heart: purpose, planning and progression. At VIVA, we help brands and business to be all they can be through key areas of performance, but to help people be all they can be – that’s a very personal journey.

We want to congratulate everybody who was involved in the JustGiving awards, everybody who uses the platform to do great things, and everybody who strives to be all they can be.

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