Forgotten brands

June 27, 2016

Being a forgotten brand is easy.

What’s a “forgotten brand” I can hear you asking… To me, a forgotten brand is one of those (many) brands that worked so, so hard to build a brand that was proudly launched, communicates how great it is for a few months and then, nothing. No communications, no noise, no impact.

Building a brand is hard work. Internal and external communications form the core of brand building – continuously letting those who matter what’s going on, the successes that have been achieved and the challenges that lay ahead. Open, ongoing communications cannot be valued enough. Because when they stop, people will either wonder what’s going on or forget about you, or both.

When building brands, we analyse four core areas of the brand – how it is performing today and setting goals for future performance. What must always be remembered when embarking on a brand building journey, is that it is exactly that – a journey, not a one time event. Brand building never stops and neither should a brand’s communications.

No, you don’t need to factor in 20, 30 or 40% of your week to create content that’s worth sharing, the chances are, you organically create valuable content. The chances are also that you just don’t share it often enough.

Larger organisations have the benefit of having structured communications teams and resources, but many smaller organisations don’t. But that shouldn’t get in the way of effectively and frequently communicating with the audiences that matter. Organisations that don’t have a dedicated communications resource should tap into the wealth of talent that works remotely from all over the world.

So to all those forgotten brands out there, come back. You serve a valuable purpose to a number of people and businesses, but could serve it to so many more. Kick start your communications to ensure that the people who know you are thinking about you and talking to others about you, initiating the simplest, but certainly the most effective sales method.

If you think your brand has been forgotten, then let’s chat. We’d love to explore the ways in which we can bring it back to the top of people’s mind.

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