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January 9, 2015

“Be the face of your personal brand”

Gary Blowers, Co-founder & Managing Partner

With an ever-growing population and limited opportunities, there’s more need than ever to stand out from the crowd. Job roles are hugely over-applied-for, business accounts are hotly contested and all the while progression is much desired. The quest for success in these areas isn’t a case of luck; it comes down to you.

What do you look like to people who don’t know you? And what do you look like to those who do? Our personal brand is something that each of us subconsciously convey; it’s basically who we are. What many of us neglect to do though, is craft it appropriately. Ultimately it’s people within businesses who deal with other people, driving relationships forward. This is why personal brand matters. We have a ready-made chance to sell ourselves, and in turn our business services, in whichever way we see fit – why would we not make the most of that?

First impressions are a fact of life, and Forbes informs us that we have all of 7 seconds to make them. That’s barely enough time to strike up a conversation but more than enough time for people to take in the aesthetics. What we look like is important theoretically, but it’s also a pretty swift head start, quite literally.

How we look matters, not in terms of beauty but in terms of purpose. What do we want to say before we’ve even started talking and what kind of experience do we want people to expect when dealing with us? Of course not judging a book by its cover is an admirable principle, but each book cover is a carefully considered choice, selected in relation to the context.

Dressing according to purpose can trigger a deeper confidence in us as looking the part so often leads to feeling the part. For me, it’s a Clements & Church tailored suit, which is smart yet suave with a bespoke feel and a dose of character. It’s almost like a uniform, giving away a little snippet of information about me immediately. A styled suited and booted look is not the pinnacle here, but it is provocative of the business and the personality that defines me.

Many jobs require a designated uniform, bringing with them a sense of pride, inclusion and duty. Members of the army, for example, are asked to present themselves in a very particular way, with high attention to detail. This is reflective of the work they do and to some extent, the people they are. In their line of work, discipline, reputation and impression are vital. By presenting themselves precisely and proudly, army members are reminded of their mission and the expectation of their roles. It’s important for them to honour the way they look as individuals in order to perform at the optimum level as a collective. And the clear impression that this level of presentation gives out is unrivalled.

With personal branding, appearance awareness is where it starts. Think about how you look and how that comes across. Getting it right will lead you on the way to being all that you can be, both individually and as a part of a wider organisation. But it’s not only appearance that matters in building your personal portrayal. Communication, association, education and purpose are all complementing components that can add up what people experience when dealing with brand you. As a new year starts and we begin to refresh, get in touch for a chat about how we can help you to be the best that you can be, in your own individual way.

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