Exploring Your Passion

July 25, 2016

Everyone has a passion. Be it sport, travelling, art or crafts. But not everyone explores their passion. But when you do, you find a hidden talent, another dimension or an ability you weren’t previously aware of. Owen Clarke is a prime example of exactly that.

Less than 12 months ago, Owen was holidaying in France, enjoying a glass of wine by the River Seine, when he picked up his friend’s DSLR camera. After taking several snaps and one quick tutorial, he was hooked.

Upon returning home, Owen invested in his own camera and since then has spent all of his free time teaching himself photography.

Owen still works 9 to 5 – but spends his evenings, weekends and even early mornings improving his photography skills. Whether he’s combining his passions for sport and photography at local events, or just out in the open at the crack of dawn waiting for the sun to appear on the horizon, Owen relishes the opportunity to improve his skills and build his portfolio.

We’ve selected a few of our favourite photographs to share with you…


Owen’s biggest regret is that he didn’t discover his talent a little earlier – particularly when thinking about the landscapes and people he has encountered on his travels around the world.

Whether you want to take a closer look at Owen’s work, book him for an upcoming event or would like to purchase one of his beautiful photographs, you can get in touch via his website.

If you would like to see beautiful photography in your Facebook feed (just like we do), then be sure to follow Owen’s page on Facebook.

And how did we end up talking about Owen? Well, Owen is an old friend and former football teammate of Gary’s. And here at Team VIVA, we love a good photo from the archives, so see below some of Gary & Owen from their younger days playing for Sicklesmere Panthers FC.



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