Catching up with Luke

January 26, 2015

We have worked with ethical energy consultancy UA over the past year, rebranding their offering and refreshing their purpose. As a part of their new and improved brand, we set out to fill a very special position. In January, Luke Cameron took on the Nicest Job in Britain, having impressed everybody with his selfless nature and his dedication to good deeds. And just a few weeks into his new role, he’s already making a valuable difference.

At the start of January, Luke spent some time really getting to know UA. Learning how their ‘do more good’ ethos leads to them helping not-for-profit organisations to save time and money on their utilities, as well as discovering how this desire to help those who need it most has led to the Nicest Job in Britain.

Luke visited his first charity, Resources for Autism, last week and it didn’t take long for him to start making a real difference. Thanks to his social media experience, he was able to make suggestions and inform the team of the benefits available to them. He has started the ball rolling on many ideas that will help the charity well into the future.

During his time with Resources for Autism, Luke took part in organised group sessions with young autistic adults. Seeing first-hand the important support that the organisation provides and how it helps people living with autism to enjoy interacting with others. To round off his week, Luke accompanied a group of young autistic adults and team leaders into the centre of Birmingham. In an exercise aimed to boost their confidence and encourage social interaction, the young adults were challenged to speak with store managers and enquire about any free merchandise they could get their hands on. As the task went on, their willingness to approach new people and make enquiries grew massively and they came away with a lot more than anticipated!

See how Luke enjoyed his first week and hear more about what he got up to.

This week, Luke is with London based charity Bag Books, who provide multi-sensory books for children and adults with learning disabilities. Continue to follow his journey at and see how he’s doing more good for people up and down the country.

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