November 2, 2014

“Power to the people”

Gary Blowers, Co-founder & Managing Partner


At VIVA, we help brands and businesses to be all they can be. And what’s at the heart of this spirit? People.

It’s people who make or break a business. People are a living extension of your brand; they actively represent your identity, seamlessly intertwined with their own.

There are plenty of people who fit perfectly into your structure. Firstly you need to find them, and then, more vitally, you want to captivate them. It’s not simply about drawing them in with an ambitious mission statement and an impressive website. It’s about something more profound than that, showing that you live out your purpose as a company and inviting people to live out theirs collaboratively. Building and nurturing a community of talent, which will, in turn, attract further talent. If you take the time to invest in your brand, you will create a culture that speaks for itself.

If you are to work harmoniously, then getting to know the wants, needs and ambitions of the people you hire is key. You can grow each other as well as growing together. Potential employees aren’t always out for all they can get, but a lot of them are looking for something different.

People you invite to an interview will likely know all about you as a company before they walk through the door. You too can be better prepared and further informed if you consider your recruitment process a little differently. Take the use of social media – you use it to keep in touch with family, to chat with friends, to share experiences, to plan events and to build networks – why wouldn’t you also use it to hire people. To convey your ethos and preview your way of life, to exercise employer branding.

Try asking something a little out of the ordinary during the application process, invite people to make choices to learn more about them even before the first meeting. As ‘Great Place to Work Institute’ consultant Marcus Erb believes, the hiring and interview process should be as much about the match between the organisation’s culture and a candidate’s personality, as about finding the right technical skills and experience for a position.

Compatibility is crucial. The way in which we work is ever-changing and the way in which we recruit needs to keep up.

VIVA is dedicated to just this. Sourcing the right people, igniting the right relationships with them and developing the right paths thereafter. Through a human-centred approach and innovative techniques, we help people, and the businesses they work within, be all they can be.

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