October 20, 2014

“This is why you never remember anything…”

Sunil Patel, Head of Design


Every time I check Facebook these days, I see another of my mates having a baby, getting married or buying a house. Not that I’m saying I won’t do any of these things. It’s just that there’s a million other life experiences out there too.

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.

Oscar Wilde

When you piece together your most vivid life memories, what stands out most for you?

Chances are, it is those monumental occasions that my friends are posting on Facebook: the first set of house keys, the wedding day or when a first child is born. But they are 3 days out of 25,932 in the average lifetime for someone living in the UK. So what do we do with the other 25,929?

Professor of neurobiology at MIT, Matt Wilson, speculates that we process memory in order to solve future problems. Hence, the more stimulating or unique the experience, the more prominence we give the memory.

On that basis, I for one intend to feel pride and fulfilment when I look back at what I have done and what I have achieved. I therefore plan on filling my other 25,929 days on earth with as many new and challenging experiences as possible.

Our belief at VIVA  is that everyone should be all they can be in life. So what do your memories say about you?

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