October 13, 2014


Win small, win early, win often.

Dilesh Bhimjiani, Co-founder & Managing Partner


Many of us have them: large-scale aims, admirable goals and ultimate ambitions that we strive for and work towards. From career progression to family plans, big dreams are wonderful to have. They’re often the glowing sparks in the distance, guiding us through to the end of our occasionally chaotic tunnels. But do our dreams always have to be so inspiringly large? Does the light of them need to shine so blindingly? And do we always need to place our focus on reaching them?

You should be careful of long-term dreams. If you focus too far in front of you, you won’t see the shiny thing out the corner of your eye.

Tim Minchin


Could we actually negate the absolute need for big dreams. As in reality, those large enough will take us our whole lives. By which point we’ll have little time to enjoy them. We could do well, in fact, from scaling it down. Essentially being micro-ambitious. Taking whatever’s right in front of us and pledging to give it our all. No matter the magnitude of the task, endeavouring to excel at it. After all, we can be so preoccupied with the bigger picture that we often forget to piece together the smaller pixels. We should be giving thought to the small wins that can lead us to a more prosperous track.

Success is a series of small wins.

Jaime Tardy

This week, we found ourselves captivated by Australian comedian Tim Minchin’s occasional address at his old university, UWA, in which he declared to the graduates, 9 snippets of advice. The first of which introduced as the idea that ‘You Don’t Have to Have A Dream.’

Tim goes on to make eight more thought-inducing points, more than worthy of an 18-minute watch. Take a look.

Although all of them are equally as stirring, it’s his first notion that has us contemplating. In particular for its relation to our VIVA ethos to be all you can be – just as much right now in the moment as in the larger realm of your lifetime. We’re encouraging you to look ahead, not far into the distance, but simply a few steps ahead. To see the significance of the smaller wins and to explore how much can be achieved in the short term whilst the long term takes care of itself…

How big are your dreams?

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