A collaboration of thinkers, advisors and creators.

We ask the questions that make you think differently, to inspire, motivate and succeed.

We make things happen.

Born and developed in the United Kingdom, we tell an international story, engaging with a diverse network of change makers.

We believe in two core areas that deliver positive and effective change.


Brand | Proposition | Communications | Digital

We work with business owners, leaders and challengers to disrupt, influence and fuel growth. We embrace change by taking control of it and putting design at the heart of everything we do.


Talent Management | Employee Engagement | Health & Wellness | Performance Planning | Personal Brand

We work with people who want to be all they can be – from CEO’s, to innovative entrepreneurs, to disruptors and professional athletes. If you want to be the very best version of yourself, we want to help you get there.


Collaboration sits at the core of everything we do. Inter-disciplinary teams bring together different ideas and skillsets, allowing us to open challenges and opportunities.

Everybody has design capabilities. Whether that creative, strategic, commercial or philanthropic. Design for us is about fostering an idea and bringing it to reality.

Change is good. From new visual identities, to engaging communications to new products, services or teams. The end result of our work is delivering effective change.


We’re not just a team of people, we’re a culture collective. Design and human performance directs our lifestyle in and out of the studio.

Our combined skills makes us an agile group – providing a personal relationship with our partners and clients (no matter how big or small the project).

Gary is an agile entrepreneur, a creative philanthropist and an established change maker. Shaped by his experience on Wall St, Gary is able to pinpoint opportunities that are not visible to many others. Combined with his competitive nature, through his passion for sport, he is focused on measureable performance.

Sharp and driven are two words that best describe his approach, with an underlying belief that ‘nothing is impossible’.

As a strategist at VIVA, Gary is here to advise, guide and oversee initiatives and tactics that help brands, businesses and people achieve their performance goals.

If you’re ready to push the boundaries and explore an opportunity, you’ll want to talk to Gary.

Dilesh is a design-led strategist, a bold businessman and a determined advocate of change. A proven track record across 4 continents enables him to be ahead of global trends and innovate with defined opportunities in mind. Driven by his curiosity around the possibilities of people and technology, he is always looking to push the boundaries further.

Smart and considered are two words that best describe his approach, a key enabler in directing change across industries.

As a strategist at VIVA, Dilesh collaborates with brands, businesses and people to pioneer new ways in which they can grow and move forward.

If you want to explore how to realise the next big opportunity, then you’ll want to talk to Dilesh.

Sunil is a new-age designer, a trendsetter and a versatile thinker. Recognised by D&AD as one of the world’s most experimental designers, Sunil knows what it takes to be world-class. His commitment towards understanding design has given him the ability to direct and create work that is not just aesthetically beautiful, but functionally brilliant too.

Confident and structured are two words that best describe his approach, which are fundamental in leading the design process, regardless of the challenge.

As a designer at VIVA, Sunil applies his knowledge of the design principles to bring to life opportunities and challenges that brands, businesses and people want to surpass.

If you want to see how design can change how you or your business performs, then you’ll want to talk to Sunil.

Michelle is a confident marketeer, a digital businesswoman and an inquisitive mind. Having led some of the world’s most established and recognisable brands, she understands how powerful communication can be in enabling change. Combined with her knowledge of how people think, act and behave, Michelle is able to craft campaigns that deliver real results.

Adaptable and planned are two words that best describe her approach, key to being responsive to commercial opportunities as and when they arise.

As a marketeer at VIVA, Michelle works alongside brands, businesses and people to form and execute plans and programs that achieved the desired outcomes.

If you want to see communication can how fast you can move, then you’ll want to talk to Michelle.

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