A brand-led business consultancy

We work with business leaders who are ready to deliver change. Together, we empower their organisations, by putting brand at the centre of every business decision.

We open up the possibilities of change and focus on making it happen. We cultivate internal culture through behavioural change in order to create new opportunities, products and services for the outside world.

We do this to help brands, businesses and people be all they can be.


We’re fuelled by the world around us. Inspired by life and enthused with passion. Discover our thoughts and allow them to impact yours.


VIVA means to live, and we intend to follow this. Good work from a good lifestyle which we don’t hide from. We embrace ownership of projects by all at VIVA, after all encourage to be all you can be.

We’re always looking to expand the VIVA way of life. Are you part of it?

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Birmingham, United Kingdom

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